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Bill did an outstanding job helping us identify schools and football opportunities which would suit our son.  He gave frank advice which helped us navigate a lot of the recruiting “sell” that coaches were giving our son and most importantly identified a specific opportunity where the school (a top liberal arts college) had a desperate need for a player with our son’s skill set.


While the school wasn’t initially on our radar, Bill pushed us to visit the school and meet the coach.  My son and I were blown away with the school and after visiting about 15 schools this was my son’s (and my) top choice. My son was accepted early decision and is looking forward to reporting to football camp in a few weeks.


Erik Dahl, Munich, Germany

Max Dahl, Quarterback, Pomona College - Class of 2015




I can’t say enough about how much Bill Penrod and Tier 1 Recruiting did for my daughter, Jackie, and us. I can’t imagine where we would have been without Bill’s advice and assistance, and I don’t think there’s any way we would have realized Jackie’s dream of playing college softball.


We met Bill during Jackie’s sophomore year in high school when she wasn’t even on the “radar screen” of any college coaches.  We bought into Bill’s program, followed his advice and the results were everything we were hoping for.


Bill showed us exactly what we had to do to get Jackie noticed by college coaches and promote her as a top-notch recruit, and then he helped us evaluate the options that Jackie had and determine which school was the best fit for her.


The guidance that Bill gave us about the recruiting process – both the athletic and academic sides of it -was 100 percent on target every step of the way. He made it easy for us to get our arms around a complex and confusing process, and he helped us ensure we always were making the best use of our time and resources.


Rob Yencik, Pittsburgh

Jackie Yencik, Second Baseman, University of Rochester - Class of 2015



I would highly recommend using Bill Penrod to help any family  navigate through the college football recruiting process.  Bill was very knowledgeable and constantly available to our family throughout the entire process.  He gave us very good advice and was “spot on” on his assessment of our son’s likelihood to be recruited.  He helped our son prepare a great highlight video, selected the right camps for him to attend and he constantly kept us on track reminding our son of important milestones and things our son needed to do to keep the process moving along.  Our son was actively recruited by many colleges and received several offers, as Bill predicted.   Throughout  the process, Bill both encouraged and advised us.  It was a great experience for our entire family and having Bill’s counsel gave us confidence that we were doing the best for our son and his future.   


Tom & Kendall Eagan

Birmingham, Alabama

Unversity of Chicago - Class 2015



My wife and I wish to thank you, for all that you have done for us and for our son Greg, with guiding us through the labyrinth of college athletics.


We came into the recruiting "world" thinking,  we could do it on our own.  Afterall, our son is an excellent swimmer and had excellent grades with strong SAT and ACT scores. And since we had previously been through the college selection process with Greg's two older siblings, although not looking at athletics for them, we thought this would be relatively easy.  Kris and I soon recognized that we were not prepared for the intensity of college recruiting, especially at this level.  Finding you Bill, was truly a godsend for us. Kris and I are busy enough with family and work and would never had been able to be so organized or able to put in the time to ask the right questions or head in the right direction.

By the end of the process and because of your diligence, persistence and advice, you guided Greg in from reaching out to over 50 schools, to the end, when we whittled this down and were rewarded with the opportunity to work with 6 great schools of HIGH academics with strong swimming programs. These schools were Greg wanted to be and they were ranked in the top 25 schools academically in the US.  This is so unbelievable and so mind blowing. And to top it all off, Greg was able to pick the school he most wanted to attend - The United States Naval Academy.

Thank you again for all the help and your guidance. You did make this a truly wonderful and rewarding journey.


--Kris and John Arnold

   Wexford, PA

   US Naval Academy - Class of 2015




Mr. Penrod, Thank you for helping me get into Columbia and get a spot on the track team.  You helped me develop so many options that I never thought were possible.  I am really happy with my decision and I know we wouldn't have been able to do it without you. 



   Los Angeles, CA

   Pole Vaulter, Columbia University, 2015




The recruiting process is tough and complex, and Bill Penrod and Tier 1 Recruiting were great counsel during this time.  We had no idea what we should be doing, nor what various conversations with college coaches really represented. Fortunately we had Bill, who was always available when we had a question or concern.  Adam started receiving a lot of interest the Fall of his Senior year - probably 90% as a direct result of Bill's efforts. He helped our son prep for calls from and meetings with recruiting coaches.  He helped target our focus based on Adam's goals for school.  And because of Bill, Adam got accepted into some amazing schools - Carnegie Mellon, Rochester and Case Western.


We highly recommend Bill, and already have to many of the families from our son's school.  We had a chance to meet Bill in person when we traveled to Pittsburgh for a college visit, and Bill even gave us a personal tour of the city. He is as friendly and personable in person as he is on the phone.  It was clear that he sincerely cared about our son and the decisions he was making - it felt as though he were as invested in Adam's success as we were.


--Darilyn and Joshua Pilapil

  Adam Pilapil, Wide Receiver, University of Wyoming, 2014




Emma is our second daughter and our first child to indicate that she wanted to try and play soccer in college. My husband and I supported Emma’s decision but had no experience in how the college recruiting works or how to initiate the process.


A friend suggested that we meet for coffee with Bill Penrod from Tier 1 Recruiting. Bill is a lawyer by training but has been assisting high school athletes and their families with the process of college recruiting.


At our first meeting, my husband and I immediately knew that Bill was our guy! He explained the process clearly and concisely. He shared his philosophical approach to the recruiting process. It was clear that Bill’s priorities and goals aligned with ours- helping Emma to play soccer at the highest level at one of the best universities in the country.


Bill’s guidance and support were critical to gaining exposure and access to the best programs across the United States. He formed a specific plan for Emma which included:


1.) Frequent and consistent phone and email contact with Emma and my husband and me regarding our plan. Bill frequently called us and he was always available when we reached out to him.


2.) Providing specific advice to Emma regarding how she should communicate with college coaches, their staff and even her own coaches.


3.) Specific advise on academics, standardized test preparation and even his thoughts on exercise and nutrition!


One of the most important benefits that Bill provided beyond a proven plan and process was his knowledge of specific colleges and universities. Bill never lost sight of the importance of academics and he spent a lot of time researching schools and providing details on their graduation rates, athletic support process, alumnae, etc.


Overall, we could not be happier with Bill. Emma was recruited by some of the best schools across the country, including Ivy league, Big 10, ACC, and other top universities and programs.


Emma committed to a Big 10, Top 10 ranked program the summer before her junior year. Bill Penrod played a critical role in helping Emma to achieve her dream.  (Mom and Dad are pretty happy too!)


Buffy Hasco

Upper St. Clair, PA

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