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Since we understand that sports can be a key factor in the college decision process, Tier One provides personalized, one on one, service that highlights your talents and abilities. We don’t sell you a “How To” book, or put your face on our website and let you stumble along on your own.


We combine both fields of atheltic consultant and college admissions coach to create a unique service that focuses on providing an overview of the college admission and recruiting process. We assess your academic and athletic profile, and assist in developing a universe of colleges that best suits you. Then we guide you in securing admission to these programs. Our approach is one that the college coaches appreciate, because it makes it easier to recruit you.

Student-Athlete Services
Step 1 - Evaluation and Recommendation
Step 2 - Starting the Program
  • Evaluation Interview - Assessing the likelihood of being recruited by the elite academic schools. This is an objective evaluation that:

    • Assesses the athletic profile - stats, honors and accomplishments

    • Assesses academic profile - GPA and testing records

    • Analyzes the colleges that the student athlete is interested in attending

    • Discusses NCAA rules and requirements

    • Discusses financial needs, aid and scholarships

  • Recommendation of colleges

  • Setting Goals and Expectations

  • Creating an Athletic Resume

  • Refining a Collegiate Universe of Prospective Schools

  • Creating an internet presence – website, dedicated email and social network site

  • Creating a road map for success 

    • Advise on initiating/managing contacts with coaches

    • Creating correspondence at all stages of the recruiting process

    • Develop a plan for Standardized Testing - SAT/ACT

    • Creating a useful highlight film

Step 3 - Executing the Program
Step 4 - The Decision
  • Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of the athletic and academic programs

  • Contacting College Coaches

  • Preparing for Admission and Coaching Interviews

    • Questions and Discussion Topics

  • Advise on Early Decision and Early Action

  • Tier 1 exclusive - Preparing for Official Visits - What and What Not to Do and Expect

  • Evaluating Admission Offers

  • Evaluating Scholarship and Financial Aid Offers

  • Evaluating Athletic Opportunities

  • Making the Final Decision

  • Advising the Coaches

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