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No. Recruiting is a numbers game, so all appropriate selective schools should be considered based on the athlete's academic and athletic credentials, including but not limited to "reach" schools. In addition, some athletes choose schools where they receive athletic scholarship aid and aren't as highly selective.

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Do you only recruit for the elite schools?

The best time to start is at the end of sports season in the sophomore year.   This is when it is evident that the athlete is on track to compete athletically and academically at the college level.  Ideally, by this time, the PSAT or first SAT test has been taken.  We, then, will have two full summers to the complete the tasks that need to be done to have you noticed by the schools and coaches.

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When is the best time to start the recruiting process ?

It is almost never too late to start the recruiting process. Senior year is not necessarily too late, but it greatly reduces the chances for a DI coach to see an athlete compete.


There are options even when the recruiting season is coming to an end. We can help you even late into your senior year.

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When is it too late to start the recruiting process?
What are my chances of being accepted?

If you have superior athletic talent and adequate academic credentials,  we expect to find a match within the top 50 national universities and top 50 liberal arts schools. We would also expect to find a match for every superior athlete with a strong academic record.

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Our objective is simple.  We seek to provide our clients with college options - options on the athletic field and in the classroom.  We desire to place our clients in colleges that meet their athletic and academic expectations.

What is Tier 1's objective?

There is no magic number that must be reached to gain acceptance into the nation's elite colleges.  Many factors beyond standardized test scores and GPA go into who is ultimately accepted.  These factors include being a recruited athlete or a legacy, cultural and socio-economic background, etc.  Regardless, a student-athlete should have a minimum combined score of 1100 on the SAT based on the Critical Reading and Math scores or an ACT score of at least 25 to be considered.

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What is the minimum SAT score that I need?
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